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Mike Tyson Podcast With Alex Jones Censored After Pressure From Big Tech

Published: June 1, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF


A much hyped interview that was set to be broadcast on boxing legend Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast with Alex Jones was censored after Tyson’s production company reportedly came under pressure from Big Tech and other outside groups.

Tyson reached out to Jones in early April, telling him that he was a listener and a fan before inviting him to appear on his iconic podcast.

Jones and his team then flew out to meet Tyson and his production team before filming what was set to be a groundbreaking interview.


During the conversation, Jones and Tyson covered a multitude of deep and thought provoking issues, no doubt helped by mushrooms and pot consumed during the podcast.

Although Jones and Tyson immediately hit it off and the podcast went well, during the interview, Tyson pointed at two or three people in his production crew who he said had warned him that Jones was a “villain” and not to give him a platform.


While the people in Tyson’s production crew who Jones personally dealt with were pleasant and enthusiastic, it appears as though others were more nervous about the podcast.

Over a month went by without the podcast airing, during which time Tyson facetimed Jones and assured him that the episode would be uploaded soon.


However, the very next day one of Tyson’s assistants called to reveal that although the production crew were fighting to have it released, the production company itself had caved and decided to censor the interview.

It was also revealed that the reason for doing so was that the production company had come under pressure from YouTube and other outside interest groups that demanded the podcast never see the light of day.


The entire farce once again underscores the lightening scope of censorship, where Big Tech and other political interest groups can step in to stop a conversation between two icons being broadcast in America, a country founded on freedom of speech.

Weaponized censorship is now such an ingrained modus operandi for the regime, they exercise the power not only to ban individuals from platforms, but to ban them from appearing on other shows, silencing them from engaging in the public arena entirely.


While Tyson obviously demanded that the podcast episode be released, the fact that even a megastar as big as him can be muzzled is a damning indictment of the abusive power that has been accrued by the de facto Ministry of Truth that is Big Tech.

Jones and his team had a feeling the podcast interview might be censored, so they recorded a separate interview with Tyson, as well as filming some behind the scenes footage from his own podcast.


That footage can be viewed below.


Whether the original interview ever sees the light of day remains unsure, although public pressure to have it released could be a defining factor.

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