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Is It Just A Coincidence That 8 UK MPs Who Are Also WEF Members Also Supported Rishi Sunak Before Johnson & Mordaunt Conceded ?

Published: October 24, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF

Whoever coined the expression  “A week is a long time in politics” was right. Probably more accurately would be “a weekend in politics” When I initially started to write this article on Saturday morning Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt had all entered the fray, vying to be PM.

I was going to tear it up thinking by Monday afternoon little of it would remain relevant as Sunak is now the last man standing. However, a lot of it is still relevant.

So what happened in the lead up and especially to Liz Truss.

In what can only be considered a “coup” to oust Liz Truss, we had WEF Prime Minister Liz Truss and WEF member Kwasi Kwarteng at the helm implementing more intended devastation for the UK economy.

Guess who then took over to “right” the ship. That’s right, it was WEF member Jeremy Hunt. You know how I feel about coincidences 😉

Then 3 people enter the fray to become the UKs next PM. Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt.

Tickle me pink that all 3 are also WEF members. Whoever said that democracy was an illusion !!!

And then there is the small matter of the UK government also being WEF partners. Yes, they aren’t just members they are partners in crime.

We need though to delve slightly deeper. I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the runners and riders who were vying to become the UKs next PM and especially the MPs who were backing Sunak, Johnson and Mordaunt. In particular it is those MPs who have WEF links that are of interest. I’ll tell you upfront you will begin to see a pattern.

Nearly all of those who supported Sunak were WEF members. Johnson and Mordaunt only had one each.

So who were the WEF member MPs who backed Sunak before Johnson and Mordaunt conceded.

New Addition : Most interesting is the one person I have left out. A friend just told me I had forgotten about Tobias Elwood.

This is exactly what he said about Elwood.

Nice piece, but you missed out Tobias Elwood MP, the most Deep State of all of them.

WEF member (standard) but was very involved in the Russiagate plot against Trump from the British intelligence, laundering CIA and FBI spying requests on Trump and his associates. This is illegal under US law, particularly the CIA, but British intelligence that was 'shared' was the loophole they used despite the CIA asking for it in the first place.

Also he's a Territorial officer in the British Army's 77th Brigade holding the pretty senior rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

77th Brigade is of course the psyops organisation of the British armed forces which is active on moulding opinion on social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Interesting isn’t it that if you type in “Tobias Ellwood WEF” into Google nothing comes up. Elwood knows how to wipe his footprint or else has colluded with Google to conceal it from the general public.

Michael Gove although not formally a WEF member was a Bilderberg attendee this year and was also in the Sunak camp.

Priti Patel, MP for Witham (switched from supporting Boris Johnson) to Sunak

Andrea Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire was the only WEF member to be in Mordaunt’s camp.

In my humble opinion the whole Johnson, Mordaunt play to be PM was just to give the UK public the illusion of choice. The WEF had their man lined up a long time ago.

Back in June of this year I hitched my cart to Sunak in the sense that I thought he would become PM. His background of being an ex Goldman Sachs banker, understanding CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) as well as having family connections to WEF companies was what swayed me. It looks like it has turned out as I thought.

In the July article I detailed all the WEF connections. It really is an essential read if you want to understand what is really going on behind the scenes. I have reproduced the entire article in bold below.

I was initially going to say

Why Did Rishi Sunak Register His Web Site To Run For PM In Dec 2021 When Boris Johnson Was Still In Power?

Except Johnson has never been in power. As Bob Moran pointed out in his excellent cartoon Johnson was merely a WEF puppet.

Whoever gets the UK PM gig will also have their strings pulled by Klaus Schwab. The orders will come from elsewhere. Whether it is Sunak or not only time will tell.

Sunak certainly has been quick off the mark in putting his cards on the table. In actual fact, a little bit too quick for some. He seems to be ahead of the game by a good 6 months. Back in December 2021 he registered the web site for his tilt at the PM premiership when Johnson was still steering the ship after he got his navigation orders from the World Economic Forum.

You could argue that Sunak knew what was coming down the track and like a good banker he was just hedging his bets.

Sunak resigned as Chancellor on 5 July 2022, citing the differences between himself and Boris Johnson in his resignation letter. On 8 July 2022, he announced his candidacy to replace Johnson in the upcoming Conservative party leadership election.

In a very slick video Sunak’s campaign was up and running in no time.

It also didn’t take him long to change his Twitter profile to “Ready For Rishi”. I know I know it sounds like a pi$$ take but in actual fact it’s quite real.

Where it does get interesting though is when we go down the 🐇 🕳 and ask “Cui Bono” or how does he benefit. The short answer is he benefits enormously. Here’s why.

Whilst in college Sunak met his wife to be. He married Akshata Murty, the daughter of the Indian billionaire N. R. Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys, in August 2009. Akshata Murty owns a 0.91% stake in Infosys, which is valued at about $900m (£690m), as of April 2022.

So Sunak’s stake or should I say his wife’s stake is nearly £700 million, that’s a nice chunk of change. Unsurprisingly InfoSys is a member of the World Economic Forum.

In their WEF profile it says

‘it steers clients through their digital journey by enabling them with an artificial intelligence-powered core that helps prioritize the execution of change”

They are very closely aligned to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Their articles that appear on the WEF site are equally as telling.

In December 2020 InfoSys President and WEF member Ravi Kumamoto

wrote an article called

Business has a big role to play in vaccinating the world

Other article written by InfoSys were

3 ways to fill worrying cybersecurity gaps

3 levers for ensuring equitable access to the data economy

Digital identity can help advance inclusive financial services

These articles alone should be cause for concern. Vaccines, Data and Digital Identities.

Do you see where this is going ? It all ties back to CBDCs, and Social Credit Scores yet again.

Why Are The World Economic Forum (WEF) & Rockefeller Foundation (RF) So Intent On Implementing A Digital ID, Digital Currency & Social Credit Score System ?
Read more

InfoSys has been a regular at Davos for years. They even had their own lounge at Davos this year

One of the speeches they gave this year at Davos was on “Human Capital Transformation” Make of that what you will. Everything is also tied into the Green Agenda. All of the speeches are on the InfoSys site if you fancy a listen.

They also have a rather questionable office in Bangalore in the shape of a Pyramid. For those of the “Conspiracy Theorist” disposition this has significant meaning which I won’t go in to here. The same pyramid appears on the bank of the US $1 note. Yet again you can make of that what you will.

It will be interesting to see whether the MSM back Sunak for the job. It has started off well for him. The Daily Telegraph are already knocking Javid for promoting lockdowns and Christmas mandates and seem to be nailing their colours to Sunak.

Let’s not forget that it was Sunak who has overseen the destruction of the UK economy and would seem to be the perfect candidate for CBDC implementation being a former Goldman Sachs banker.

His profile is now blank on the WEF site. We can only wonder what it will be updated to.

Sunak is the face of CBDCs. He has given frequent talks on them.

The next Prime Minister of the UK will be very important for post-war monetary renegotiations and it could be Sunak who takes the UK into CBDC blockchain communism.

Would you trust a former Goldman Sachs banker or any banker as PM ? Especially one who feels the need to introduce a financial surveillance system in CBDC. This is not good for society.

The New World Order is being ushered in at breakneck speed and the controlled demolition is continuing. It is only going to get worse. Social credit and CBDC is the final goal but they can only reach that by collapsing society leaving people helpless and willing to accept anything.

The coincidences of the last week continue. Bill Gates was undoubtedly giving instructions to Sunak on his recent visit to London. The question is in what capacity. PM or another.

Why Is Bill Gates In London At The Same Time Boris Johnson Resigned ?
Did you know that Bill Gates private jet flew in to London on Wednesday night ? The same day Javid and Sunak resigned, then within the space of 24 hours so did Boris Johnston. Just another amazing coincidence of course…
Read more

Even if Sunak doesn’t get the job and it goes to another WEF puppet his pockets will still be very well lined.


One can only hazard a guess that when Liz Truss got the top job and appointed Kwasi Kwarteng that a further planned destruction was imminent and intentional before Sunak would be ushered in. Kwarteng’s downfall was set in motion by his tax-cutting mini-budget last month, which sent the UK economy into turmoil.

Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt are just puppets/actors fulfilling their roles as the WEF intended. Johnson has fulfilled his Covid role and has outlived his usefulness. Mordaunt who is friends with Bill Gates should be viewed with suspicion. Mordaunt wrote a book called

“Greater Britain After The Storm” for which Bill Gates wrote the foreword.

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