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Pfizer Boasts of “Multi-Billion Dollar” COVID Vaccine Franchise as it Marks Up Price by 10,000 Per Cent

Published: November 10, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF



Pfizer’s Chief Financial Officer boasted that the COVID vaccine franchise represents a “multi-billion dollar” market for years to come as it marked up prices by 10,000 per cent.

The comments were made by David Denton during an earnings call with investors last week.

The CFO asserted that the virus had become “somewhat like a flu… but more deadly,” and that the vaccines and anti-virals produced by Pfizer to combat it would be “relevant for many years to come.”

Pfizer’s yearly profits of around $80 billion from sales of COVID vaccines and the antiviral drug Paxlovid apparently isn’t enough for the company.

Last month, the pharmaceutical giant revealed that it was tripling the price of the shot to up to $130 a dose, a huge leap form the $19 to $30 that governments previously paid.

“Some experts estimate each individual shot to cost just $1.18 to make – meaning the new price represents a 10,000% markup,” reports the Daily Mail.

The markup represents an effort to meet a projected revenue target of $32 billion this year.

Peter Maybarduk, Director of Access to Medicines at Public Citizen, said Pfizer had already made “obscene” profits, with the company having grossed $40.9 billion in 2019 and $41.7 billion in 2020, with a projected $102 billion in total revenue this year.

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated story, in the UK there’s a striking new correlation between Autumn vaccine boosters and non-COVID excess deaths.

“The high excess deaths – many of which are heart-related – continued throughout the summer and didn’t drop off as the booster campaign finished. This may be due to a delayed effect of vaccine injury, or other causes may be involved,” writes Will Jones.

Remember to get your booster this winter!

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