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WHO Declares Unvaccinated 'Major Killing Force,' Deadlier Than 'Global Terrorism’

Published: December 29, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF

Source: human events

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared those who have refused to take the controversial COVID vaccine a “major killing force globally” as part of a new campaign being launched across social media. 

The video accuses those warning of the dangers of the COVID vaccine of displaying “anti-science aggression." It features pediatrician Dr. Peter Hotez lamenting the “devastating impact of misinformation and disinformation” regarding the COVID vaccines.

Hotez goes on to make several unsubstantiated claims that “anti-vaccine activism” is more deadly than terrorism, gun violence, and other heinous crimes. 

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Hotez took issue with Joe Biden's recent claim that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic "is over," describing it as the "wrong message to give" at a time they are trying to encourage people to take another booster.

"We’re still in 200-300 deaths per day," Hotez complained. "[COVID-19] is still the third or fourth leading cause of death in the United States. It’s definitely the wrong message to give, given the fact that we’re desperately trying to persuade the American people to take this booster.”

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People who have received mRNA Covid vaccines are at least twice as likely to be infected with the coronavirus as unvaccinated people, according to two new papers from researchers in Indiana and Ohio.

The federal government is funding research aimed at countering "populist narratives" about the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccines, focusing on countries that had "populist leaders during the pandemic," including the United States, according to a report from War Room's Natalie Winters.

Izabella Kaminska, formerly the Editor of the FT’s Alphaville and now the Editor of the Blind Spot, has flagged up an alarming passage in a document published in January 2021 by Deutsche Bank Research entitled ‘What we must do to Rebuild’. Eric Heyman has written the section about the tough choices the EU must face it if’s to meet its goal of achieving ‘climate neutrality’ by 2050 – Net Zero, in other words – and says the following: 

It's the end of 2022 and the world is still witnessing new heights of Covid absurdity and fear-mongering authoritarianism coming from government figures.

A U.S. judge approved a multimillion-dollar settlement on Dec. 19 for workers who were fired by an Illinois health care system for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Since the earliest days of the pandemic, over-the-top, hysterical fearmongering has been an intricate component of the Public Health™ messaging. Scared slaves are compliant slaves.

"Anti-vaccine activism" is a form of "anti-science aggression" and a "major killing force globally" worse than terrorism, gun violence and nuclear proliferation and "political solutions" are needed to shut it down, according to the World Health Organization's Dr Peter Hotez.

A 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that The Biden Administration cannot enforce a COVID vaccine mandate on federal contractors.

New documents reveal how the United States government used a secret Twitter portal to censor COVID-19 content that contradicted the government’s narrative.

On Nov. 2, 2021, The BMJ broke the story of Brook Jackson, the regional director who blew the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial. Weeks later, documents were leaked supporting Jackson’s complaint about “falsified data.”

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