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Redefining What It Means To Be Human

Published: January 13, 2023 | Print Friendly and PDF

Source: Mercola

redefining humanity

Story at-a-glance

  • The transhumanist movement is a social and philosophical mobilization involving the development of human enhancement through technology; the technocratic cabal are seeking to normalize changes that will give them absolute control over your thoughts, emotions and actions
  • The mass manipulation used during the COVID-19 generated pandemic was phenomenally successful, using instant notification, fake fact-checkers and smart propaganda that led many down a path resulting in life-altering disabilities and even death
  • Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are technologies currently used to read brain neurons in individuals with impairments that don’t allow them to speak or move. The new goal publicly expressed by the owners of two companies is an interface that allows reading and writing to every aspect of your brain
  • This movement is integral to The Fourth Industrial Revolution promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Founder and chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, claims to have penetrated the cabinets of industrialized nations, having influenced their thinking through the Young Global Leaders program
  • Although some are blinded by the idea that the merger of man and machine could make you smarter or live longer, the reality was succinctly described by Dr. Yuval Harari when he said the idea that humans have free will is over

Transhumanism is a social and philosophical movement involving the development of human enhancement through technology.1 Essentially, it seeks to redefine what it means to be human, which is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). It does not mean that the global cabal wants to turn you into robots, they only want to control your thoughts, emotions and physical body.

In early June 2022, Google engineer Blake Lemoine announced he was convinced that an AI chatbot program called LaMDA had achieved sentience, or self-aware consciousness.2 Just days before he revealed this discovery, another AI expert predicted that virtual children could one day become commonplace and would solve the issue of overpopulation while meeting the very human need to procreate.3

Over the last several decades, the technocratic cabal has set a course for mankind. The concepts of transhumanism and digitizing human life are part of The Great Reset agenda, which will not be complete until humanity is enslaved to an unelected few who run the world through algorithms and AI. In fact, with sentient AI, it may be manmade sentient computerized “beings” that will be running the show.

Harari, professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a top adviser to Klaus Schwab, owner and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) states in the video below:

“By hacking organisms, the cabal may gain the power to reengineer the future of life itself because once you can hack something, you can usually also engineer it.”4 Soon, he says, some corporations and governments will be able to “systematically hack all the people.” And, if they succeed in hacking life, he describes it as the “greatest revolution in biology since the beginning of life 4 billion years ago.”

This absolute control will involve the selective breeding of physical bodies using artificial wombs rather than human beings. The first gene-edited babies were born in 2018,5 the result of a Chinese scientist’s use of CRISPR technology. Scientists have also developed an AI nanny robot to care for the embryos growing inside an artificial womb.6

To normal people, a future of transhumanist babies grown in artificial wombs with cloud-to-brain connectivity sounds more like a purposeless nightmare than the utopia that transhumanists attempt to portray it as. Schwab talks as though humanity has no choice in the matter.7

“Let us also be clear. The future is not something that just happens. The future is built by us, by a powerful community like you in this room.”

Mass Manipulation Was Phenomenally Successful

In the past decade, more people have begun using mobile devices, most in the form of smartphones. As a society, we’ve grown accustomed to instant information and sharing lives across social media platforms. The growth of the industry that began with computers and moved to handheld mobile devices, now boasts 97% of Americans owning a cell phone and 85% of those owning a smartphone.8

This is a significant increase from 35% when the first survey was done in 2011. Instant notification, fake fact-checkers and smart propaganda led to mass manipulation during the COVID-19-generated pandemic that was phenomenally successful. As I’ve written before, dress rehearsals for COVID included a 2017 Johns Hopkins Center of Health Security pandemic simulation called the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 scenario.9

The 2019 collaboration between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins and the WEF called Event 201 was the last before COVID-19 struck in early 2020. These exercises detailed an outbreak of highly infectious coronavirus, during which social media censorship played a predominant role.

The plans were eerily played out across the world in 2020 which, thanks to social media companies and Google’s censoring of opposing viewpoints, led to a massive misunderstanding of the danger of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the perpetuation of a lie that the vaccines were “safe and effective.”

Information has since revealed that online censorship was illegally directed by U.S. government officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci,10 who was recently deposed about his role and data from the CDC and the FDA show that the adverse effects from the vaccine are not safe and effective, but rather dangerous and life-threatening.11

The culmination of censorship and false information led many down a path resulting in life-altering disabilities and even death. Strategies were used to discredit many physicians who spoke out against the propaganda, including Drs. Robert Malone, Michael Yeadon, and Pierre Khoury. Malone spoke out about mass formation psychosis in an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” December 31, 2021.12

By January 2, 2022, the term had peaked in search popularity after having been practically unheard of. While the term achieved greater exposure in 2022, Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent in Belgium, has studied the phenomenon for many years and says it was first recognized over 100 years ago.

Simply put, those who are under the spell of mass formation psychosis focus obsessively on a failure that occurs in the normal world or a particular person, in this case, COVID-19. The focus of attention can effectively control the masses and lead to totalitarian thinking and, eventually, to totalitarian states. It’s clear from Google’s censorship that they do not want you to know about it, and what you do know will be filtered through fake fact-checking.

Ultimate Fusion of Mind and Machine Began to Help Impairments

The melding of mind and machine is called a brain-computer interface (BCI). Current use of this technology helps individuals who are paralyzed or those who have been locked in after a stroke achieve a hands-free experience. Patients can communicate by typing text with just their thoughts. The current use of BCI technology is to read brain neurons and not write to them.

Deep brain stimulation implants are also used for individuals with Parkinson’s disease to help control tremors and are being used to control mood. Although the primary use for these systems has been to help improve functionality in those who are impaired, as has been proven in the past many times over, scientists do not stop there.

The most aggressive developers want BCI systems to not only read, but also write over our minds. The WEF wants these commercial implants to allow you to access the cloud and for the cloud to access you. One such company is Synchron. Investors include Jeff Bezos and “the island-hopping “Vaxx King” Bill Gates,” as Joe Allen describes him.13

In 2021, the company received FDA approval to begin trials for its product, Stentrode. This is a wire mesh that is inserted into the jugular vein and manipulated into the brain’s blood vessels where it monitors your activity for intention.

Yet, while there are obvious benefits to helping individuals who are unable to communicate or move, the company’s CEO Tom Oxley envisions something different. In a press release on July 28th, 2021, he said,14 “Synchron’s north star is to achieve whole-brain data transfer. The blood vessels provide surgery-free access to all regions of the brain, and at scale.”

The Goal: You, Hardwired for Control

Neuralink is another company in the race to achieve what owner Elon Musk calls “whole brain interface so a generalized input /output device could literally interface with every aspect of your brain and in the short term could interface with any given section and solve a tremendous number of things.”15

While Musk’s recent actions after taking over Twitter indicate that he is against censorship,16 he obviously is also interested in BCI technology that can, as he puts it, be linked to a general input and output device in your brain.

Each of these BCI devices merges man with AI for what some call intellectual enhancement. Harvard nanotechnologist Charles Lieber, along with his colleagues, published a 2015 article in Nature Nanotechnology,17 in which he describes syringe injectable nanoscale computers that could interface with your neurons at a microscopic level, essentially creating tissue that can communicate with a computer.

In an interview with Smithsonian Magazine,18 Lieber said, “We’re trying to blur the distinction between electronic circuits and neural circuits.” While describing the product, he said it is a “hundred thousand times more flexible than other implantable electronics.”

Also speaking to Smithsonian Magazine, one Rice University researcher commented, “This could make some inroads to a brain interface for consumers. Plugging your computer into your brain becomes a lot more palatable if all you need to do is inject something.”

Some, like Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, justify human AI enhancement by saying it is crucial to accept the inevitability of progress. In 2015, he wrote an essay entitled “Against Edenism,”19 in which he takes an almost god-like status, citing Genesis and Revelation, writing “The future will look very different from the past.” and “The Garden of Paradise will culminate in the City of Heaven.”

Allen writes that Theil describes a technocratic “City of God” in which there are wall-to-wall surveillance grids, military-grade artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and mass data mining. The technocratic cabal are slowly creating a public consciousness of BCI devices, attempting to implant the idea in the reader’s/watcher’s mind so those who are most influenced by the propaganda will be the first to step up and try a chip.

Klaus Schwab’s Training Has Penetrated World Governments

Schwab begins speaking at minute 4:41 in this eight-minute compilation of speeches from the WEF’s top advisor Dr. Yuval Harari and founder and chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab. During one interview in the video, Schwab defines what the Fourth Industrial Revolution ultimately means.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution doesn’t change what you are doing, it changes you if you take a genetic editing, just as an example. It is you who are changed. And of course, it has a big impact on your identity.”

Of course, to accomplish all that Schwab and the WEF have planned for the future of the planet Earth, there must be people strategically placed in governments around the world to ensure that the plans are carried out. As the WEF publicized in early May 2022, “The world’s top leaders from politics, business, civil society, academia, media and the arts are set to descend on the Swiss mountain village of Davos in May 2022.”20

According to the website, more than 50 heads of state and government were expected to join Davos 2022, as well as 300 government representatives and over 1,250 representatives from the private sector. This included individuals such as the commissioner for jobs and social rights for the European Commission, the president of the European Central Bank, the governor of the Central Bank of France and the minister of information and technology from India.

The United States sent a 25-person contingent, including the secretary of commerce, congressmen from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Missouri and Minnesota, the governor of Indiana and senators from Vermont, New Jersey, Mississippi, Texas and Colorado. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore also planned to be in attendance. During one interview in the video above, Schwab gives a chilling account of how he has planned to influence world leaders and governments.

“I have to say that when we mention our names like Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they have all been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now is the young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau, the president of Argentina, and so on.

So, we penetrate the cabinets. Yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of his cabinet or even more than half, are for our … are actually young global leaders of the world economic forum. It’s true in Argentina, it’s true in France.”

Transhumanism Is Aiming for Your Free Will

In February 2022,21 Kyle Kemper, half-brother to Trudeau, gave an interview and was asked why he thought his sibling refused to talk to the truckers. During the interview, his half-brother called him a “weak leader” and said that “he is not speaking from his heart.” He was quoted, saying:

“Justin is the leader of the Liberal Party, and everything that’s coming out of his mouth right now is written. All of his tweets are being produced by a team. He is the face and the lead spokesperson for the Canadian government but the policy and the initiatives that are driving it, and are driving this narrative which he continues to push, which in my opinion, is on the side of anti-Canadian and anti-freedom, are coming down from the higher-ups.”

Kemper characterized the decision-making in Canada as coming down from “the higher-ups.” He went on to say those higher-ups were globalist groups like The World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberg Group.

This group is less well known, but includes national leaders, political power brokers, heads of powerful private companies and European royalty.22 According to an article in The Globe and Mail published in 2006, the Bilderberg Group first met in 1954 and included about 130 of the world’s most powerful and wealthiest people.

Meetings held by silent groups of powerful individuals like the Bilderberg group, or more public acknowledgment of a drive toward transhumanism by the WEF, are designed to control societies and grow wealth for the technocratic cabal. Harari gives you a glimpse into the future that the WEF is planning for the world across several clips in the video above.23

“We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals … By hacking organisms, the cabal may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself … Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design.

But not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design. And the intelligent design of our clouds, the IBM cloud, the Microsoft Cloud … After 4 billion years, science may enable life to break out into the realm of inorganic life.”

Harari then asks the question, [2:50] “Does the data about my DNA, my brain, my body, my life, does it belong to me or a corporation or to the government or perhaps to the human collective?”

While some people are blinded by the idea that merging man and machine could improve performance, make you smarter or make you live longer, the reality of the transhumanist movement is succinctly described by Harari:24

“The idea that humans have this soul, or this spirit, or they have free will and no one knows what’s happening inside me so whatever I choose, whether it’s the election, or in the supermarket, this is my free will … that’s over.”



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