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Trump: "I'm a Nationalist and a Globalist"

President Donald Trump was prepared to end the North American Free Trade Agreement deal, which had governed trade relations for the past 23 years, with a dramatic announcement Saturday at a Pennsylvania political rally marking his 100th day in office. As rumors spread of the possible action, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto called the president urging him not to pull out of the accord. "Let me think about it," Mr. Trump said. Within a half hour a call came in from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a similar request.

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Barrett Brown Re-Arrested For Giving Media Interviews Without Permission

The weird, sickening persecution of Barrett Brown continues. Whether or not you like the guy (and every time we post about him, we hear from people who provide reasons why they dislike him), the way he's been treated by our justice system is despicable. If you don't recall, Brown is an award winning journalist, who certainly went deep with Anonymous and other online groups

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Belgium issues an apology for voting Saudi Arabia into UN’s women’s rights commission

Is it a sincere apology, or just Belgium politicians placating a population disgusted with a corrupt cronyism so out of control, that Saudi Arabia is now appointing to a United Nations women’s rights commission? Ridiculous, but true, and proof to the point that the UN is corrupt to its core, as are its many diplomats, who have proven that oil money can open any door, and buy any position of influence.

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Not simply for their pseudo-marxism, but also because it appears the group is a classic FBI operation right out of the pages of the COINTELPRO playbook. In 1999 it was revealed the Red Brigades were infiltrated by Italian intelligence and operatives were the masterminds behind the murder of the former prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978. Alberto Franceschini, an imprisoned former member of the terrorist group, told L’Espresso news magazine Italian intelligence “used the Red Brigades to block Moro’s attempt to bring the Communist Party into a government of national unity.”

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Planned Parenthood ‘Lamborghini Lady’ Negotiates Harvested Baby Part Prices In New Video

Center for Medical Progress founder claims PP guilty of “criminal trafficking and profiteering in fetal body parts” A Planned Parenthood (PP) senior executive, who in 2015 admitted she wanted to make enough money off of harvested fetal parts to buy a “Lamborghini,” has again been caught haggling over baby body part prices.

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America's Opioid Death Crisis May Be A Lot Worse Than We Thought

America’s ongoing opioid crisis is no secret. With thousands dying from prescription painkiller overdoses each year — nearly as many as traffic deaths — even the U.S. government has been forced to take action. As awareness of the epidemic continues to grow, further hazards of the pharmaceutical class of drugs are being revealed — including potentially higher numbers of deaths caused by their use.

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"This Is A Coup": Masked Men Storm Macedonia Parliament

Supporters of the movement "For The Common Macedonia" stormed the Macedonian parliament and attacked the deputies of the parliamentary majority, following a vote for a new speaker. In addition, journalists were detained in the press center of the Parliament. Demonstrators forced their way into the building after the Social Democrats and the parties representing ethnic Albanians elected a parliament speaker in a vote that Gruevski’s party didn’t recognize, MIA said.

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Uber picks Dallas, Fort Worth as test cities for flying vehicle network

Uber is looking to North Texas as a testing ground for its initiative to make intra-urban flying vehicle rides a reality. The company announced Tuesday that Dallas and Fort Worth are its first U.S. partner cities for what its dubbing the “Uber Elevate Network.” The company hopes to have the first demonstration of how such a network of flying, hailed vehicles would work in three years.

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U.S. and UK Both Drop in Latest ‘World Press Freedom Index’ Rankings

Reporters without Borders just published its annual World Press Freedom Index rankings, and the results for both the U.S. and UK are not impressive. Both countries declined two spots from last year, with the UK at 41, and the greatest and most free nation on earth, America, down to 43.

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Formerly Imprisoned Journalist Barrett Brown Taken Back Into Custody Before PBS Interview

Award-winning journalist Barrett Brown was re-arrested and taken into custody Thursday, the day before he was scheduled to be interviewed for a PBS documentary. Brown quickly became a symbol of the attack on press freedom after he was arrested in 2012 for reporting he did on the hacked emails of intelligence-contracting firms. Brown wrote about hacked emails that showed the firm Stratfor spying on activists on behalf of corporations. Brown also helped uncover a proposal by intelligence contractors to hack and smear WikiLeaks defenders and progressive activists.

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Blood-thinning Drug Xarelto Faces 18,000 Lawsuits

The first court test of Bayer/J&J’s billion-dollar bonanza, blood-thinner, Xarelto, is coming up in New Orleans next week. The outcome will influence how the 18,000 lawsuits behind it will be handled.

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Scientists Just Transplanted Small Rat Heads Onto Bigger Rats

The world has been gifted, or maybe cursed, with the latest iteration of creepy head transplant experiments. In a new study published in CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics, researchers in China grafted the heads of smaller rats onto the necks of larger rats because we all know that rats with two heads are better than rats with one.

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Amazon Wants You To Put Their New Camera In Your Bedroom

Products like the Amazon Echo are proof of a strange new shift in our culture. Suddenly people are okay with having a device in their homes that they know is listening to them. They’re voluntarily inserting electronic devices into their private lives, which are capable of spying on them and sending the data to private corporations and governments.

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Feds force hospitals to report alleged DUI patients to police

I'm having trouble describing Oregon's disturbing statutes and how two courts made excuses to allow law enforcement to circumvent our Constitution. This month, an Oregon Appeals court agreed with a district court ruling which forces first responders to become state actors.

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From Korea To Abu Ghraib - War, Bio-Weapons, Torture And Back

Considering the historical record of the United States of committing and covering up warcrimes as well as its general belligerence, North Korea and other nations are probably well advised to stick to their nuclear and missile programs.

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China To Test New Weapons, Stage Live Fire Drills In Retaliation To US THAAD Deployment

Two days after the US military began to move the controversial THAAD anti-missile system into its deployment site in a South Korean golf course (over the protests of hundreds of locals who were promptly quieted when the police showed up), despite vocal protests from China which is "resolutely opposed" to the THAAD deployment and believes such a move would destabilize the regional balance of power, China said on Thursday that it would stage live fire drills and test new weapons to protect its national security, its Defense Ministry said.

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Feds Say It’s Too Dangerous To Share Dakota Access Oil Spill Report

A federal agency won’t release a study about the potential effects of a Dakota Access Pipeline oil spill because it claims information in the report could put lives at risk. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made the claim while rejecting a Freedom of Information Act request from MuckRock, a journalism website that collects and publishes government documents.

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Thousands Of Experimental Bacteria-Ridden Mosquitoes Were Just Released In Florida

The biggest trend for mad scientists now is the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes – the same mosquitoes that are noted for carrying tropical diseases and for getting genetically engineered under the guise of fighting the Zika. Zika is one of the latest banners of scare porn that the mainstream media has foisted on the public in a seeming attempt to pave the way for biotech companies to operate unhindered.

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Bill Nye: Should Parents Be Penalized For Having ‘Extra Kids?’

Comedian Bill Nye suggested that saving the world from climate change might entail punishing people in developed countries for having too many children. Nye asked one of the panelists on the Tuesday episode of his Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves The Earth” if it would be a good idea to have the government penalize having “extra kids.”

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Michael Flynn under Pentagon investigation. AP says he was warned “not to accept foreign government payments”

As the Russiagate fake news driven by mainstream media for nearly 9 months fizzles into oblivion due to lack of an iota of evidence, it look as if Michael Flynn will serve as the sacrificial scalp for Hillary’s “Russia hacked my server” campaign story that set off the entire Russia hacking red-baiting.

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