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Jails-To-Go: Army Looks For Prefab Detention Cells For War Zones

The U.S. military is looking at a new way of holding detainees in the field, according to government procurement records: small, prefabricated cells, designed for solitary custody and barely big enough to lie down in, that could be deployed to war zones. The Army is looking for information from contractors who could design and build a “modular detainee shelter system,” according to an announcement on that was posted in November. Each “closed, box-like” shelter would be “a holding cell for one detainee during combat operations.”
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Obamacare program costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every American who gets health insurance, says bombshell budget report

Stunning figure comes from Congressional Budget Office report that revised cost estimates for the next 10 years. Government will spend $1.993 TRILLION over a decade and take in $643 BILLION in new taxes, penalties and fees related to Obamacare. The $1.35 trillion net cost will result in 'between 24 million and 27 million' fewer Americans being uninsured – a $50,000 price tag per person at best. The law will still leave 'between 29 million and 31 million' nonelderly Americans without medical insurance. Numbers assume Obamacare insurance exchange enrollment will double between now and 2025.
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Thomas Jefferson’s views on crime and punishment

The whipping post was a common punishment for lawbreakers. In 1778, Thomas Jefferson began working with a committee to reform the criminal code in the Commonwealth of Virginia. What the committee proposed may come as a surprise to modern observers. Below are some of the notable excerpts of the proposal, known as the “Bill Proportioning Crimes and Punishments”, or Bill 64.
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Plan C: The top secret Cold War plan for martial law in the USA

Michael from Muckrock sez, "Starting on April 19, 1956, the federal government practiced and planned for a near-doomsday scenario known as Plan C. When activated, Plan C would have brought the United States under marshal law, rounded up over ten thousand individuals connected to 'subversive' organizations, implemented a censorship board, and prepared the country for life after nuclear attack. There was no Plan A or B."
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Drones could soon hunt in PACKS: Darpa plans reveal aircraft would collaborate to find targets with ‘minimal supervision’

Flying a military drone in a warzone or other dangerous locations currently requires a team of human operators. But this could be about to change, as the US military looks to enable drones to hunt in ‘coordinated packs’ with minimal human supervision.
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UK Legislators Hoping To Rush Through New 'Snooper's Charter' In The Wake Of The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

The UK legislators, law enforcement agencies and intelligence services looking to expand the government's surveillance programs got a big boost from the attack on Charlie Hebdo. This violent attempt to place extremist religious ideology ahead of free speech was twisted by many into justification for expanded government powers. Prime Minister David Cameron even went so far as to suggest that no citizen's communications should be beyond the government's reach.
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Ferguson Scared the Super-Rich So Bad They’re Planning Exits

According to a speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ferguson and Occupy absolutely terrified the world’s super-rich, and now they’re buying airstrips and farms in remote locations to escape to At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which was held between January 21-24, over 2,500 leaders in the fields of business, international politics, academia and journalism met to discuss major global challenges, including inequality, terrorism and climate change.
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Secret ‘BADASS’ Intelligence Program Spied on Smartphones

British and Canadian spy agencies accumulated sensitive data on smartphone users, including location, app preferences, and unique device identifiers, by piggybacking on ubiquitous software from advertising and analytics companies, according to a document obtained by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The document, included in a trove of Snowden material released by Der Spiegel on January 17, outlines a secret program run by the intelligence agencies called BADASS. The German newsweekly did not write about the BADASS document, attaching it to a broader article on cyberwarfare. According to The Intercept‘s analysis of the document, intelligence agents applied BADASS software filters to streams of intercepted internet traffic, plucking from that traffic unencrypted uploads from smartphones to servers run by advertising and analytics companies.
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The Saudi palace coup

King Abdullah’s writ lasted all of 12 hours. Within that period the Sudairis, a rich and politically powerful clan within the House of Saud, which had been weakened by the late king, burst back into prominence. Its a palace coup in all but name.
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NY Shoppers Ransack Grocery Stores Ahead of Epic Blizzard

Here are some scenes out of New York, courtesy of Twitter:
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How To Create A Virtual "Body" For Your Uploaded Mind

The prospect of uploading your brain into a supercomputer is an exciting one — your mind can live on forever, and expand its capacity in ways that are hard to imagine. But it leaves out one crucial detail: Your mind still needs a body to function properly, even in a virtual world. Here's what we'll have to do to emulate a body in cyberspace.
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US Busts Alleged Russian Spy Ring In Manhattan

Federal prosecutors in New York charged three men in an alleged Russian spy ring centered in Manhattan and the Bronx, according to a Jan. 23 complaint unsealed today by the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. According to CNN's Shimon Prokupecz, Evgeny Buryakov, working with Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy, was trying to recruit NYC residents as intelligence sources for the Russian Federation.
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Too many 'useless and ineffective' CCTV cameras in Britain, says surveillance commissioner

Tony Porter says Europeans are shocked at number of CCTV cameras in the UK and says country must not 'sleepwalk into a surveillance society'. Too late guys..
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Turkey deploys Spain's Patriot missiles in Adana

Spain’s Patriot air defense missiles have been deployed in Turkey’s southern Adana province Monday, a senior Spanish defense official said Monday. The missiles were deployed at General Recai Engin barracks as part of Turkey's request for NATO assistance. "Patriot battery is here to ensure the security of Adana," Luis Burgos Sanchez, a Spanish commander, told reporters.
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S&P downgrades Russia's credit rating to junk

Standard & Poor's on Monday downgraded Russia's sovereign credit rating to below investment grade, as the country's economy continues to weaken. S&P slashed Russia's sovereign credit rating to BB+ from BBB- and said the outlook is negative, reflecting its view that Russia's monetary policy flexibility could diminish further.
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Obama in India: Indications that US may back India for Nuclear Suppliers Group membership

India and the US achieved a breakthrough towards operationalisation of their civil nuclear deal on Sunday, within hours of President Barack Obama's arrival in New Delhi.
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7 shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under ‘modernizing’ reign of King Abdullah

The majority of eulogies went beyond the requirements of diplomatic etiquette, while some epithets used by Western politicians made people believe they had stepped through the looking glass. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said the monarch, who died at 90, “strengthened understanding between faiths,” while IMF chief Christine Lagarde called him “a strong advocate of women,” albeit a “discreet” one. And almost all political grandees seemed to agree that the scion of the House of Saud, was – in the words of Tony Blair – “a skillful modernizer,” who “led his country into the future.”
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U.S. nursing homes’ new tactic to collect debts: Seizing power of attorney to control their money

One day last summer, after he disputed nursing home bills that had suddenly doubled Lillian Palermo’s copays, and complained about inexperienced employees who dropped his wife on the floor, Dino Palermo was shocked to find a six-page legal document waiting on her bed. It was a guardianship petition filed by the nursing home, Mary Manning Walsh, asking the court to give a stranger full legal power over Lillian Palermo, now 90, and complete control of her money.
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The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance & Global Governance

This past week, the world’s vultures, the economic power elite, met in Davos to discuss the maintenance of their global fiat hegemony. Highlights included furthering austerity, noting that the serf class can’t have air conditioning and cars, as well as cheering on the death of privacy through the rise of technocracy. The degenerate elite, completely out of touch with humanity, resembles the controllers in the Lucas classic, THX 1138, building their own prison destined to entrap their own progeny.
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Bill threatens 600,000 euro fines for protesting in Spain

Thousands of protesters marched through Madrid to express their opposition to a proposed law that would set hefty fines for the very act of protesting.
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