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FBI Official Admits To Infiltrating Trump Campaign - Just Don't Call It Spying

A top FBI official admitted to Congressional investigators last year that the agency had contacts within the Trump campaign as part of operation "Crossfire Hurricane," which sounds a lot like FBI "informant" Stefan Halper - a former Oxford University professor who was paid over $1 million by the Obama Department of Defense between 2012 and 2018, with nearly half of it surrounding the 2016 US election.

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Is China’s Social Credit System A Preview Of The Coming "Beast System"?

Virtually everything that you do online and offline is being monitored, tracked or recorded by someone.  Could you imagine what life would be like if the government compiled all of that information into a giant database and used it to punish those that had engaged in politically-incorrect behavior? 

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Saudi crown prince vows ‘all cooperation’ against terror, $100 billion investment in India

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman on Wednesday joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi in condemning the Pulwama attack in the “strongest terms” even as India and Saudi Arabia agreed on the need to put pressure on countries that back terror and called on such states to dismantle terrorism infrastructures... The crown prince agreed to share intelligence with India on counter-terrorism and, importantly, agreed that terrorists should come under UN sanctions. He also said Saudi Arabia will invest $100 billion in India.

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Major companies pull YouTube ads following report of 'a soft-core pedophile ring'

Several major companies have reportedly pulled advertisements on YouTube following a report that the comment sections on the site have been used to facilitate "a soft-core pedophile ring."

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Houston District Attorney to Review 1,400 Cases Due to Drug Officer Lying

This narcotics officer lied on sworn affidavits, now the district attorney will review over 1000 cases. The Harris County District Attorney's Office in Houston announced Wednesday it has launched a review of more than 1,400 criminal cases that narcotics officer Gerald Goines worked on during his 34-year career at the Houston Police Department. The review includes 27 cases that are currently pending in court.

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FBI plotting to keep DNA of ENTIRE population on file to create ‘nation of suspects’

President Donald Trump has signed the Rapid DNA Act into law which means the police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime. The law, which was signed in 2017 and comes into effect this year, will require several states to connect Rapid DNA machines to Codis – the national DNA database controlled by the FBI.

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Sudan releases 2,400 protesters amid US condemnation of crackdown

Sudan announced that it had released some 2,430 protesters from custody yesterday, as US officials warned that the violent crackdown on demonstrators threatens Sudan’s removal from Washington’s terror blacklist.

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Tensions Mount at Venezuela Border as Top Brass Rejects Trump’s Incitement, Opposition Takes Over Costa Rica Embassy

Venezuela’s armed forces have responded angrily Tuesday to threats made against them by US President Donald Trump and calls to break the chain of command. Speaking at a press conference held in Caracas and flanked by commanders from all of the branches of the military, Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez told the press that Washington “Will not be able to install a “puppet” and anti-patriotic government, they will have to step over our dead bodies first.”

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Arrested US investor faces 10 years in Russian prison for major fraud

The founder and senior partner of Baring Vostok private equity fund, Michael Calvey, has been officially charged with a large-scale fraud involving a Russian bank, TASS cites a source in Russian law enforcement as saying.

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Heckler & Koch fined for illegal gun sales to Mexico

A German court has handed suspended jail terms to two ex-employees of gun maker Heckler & Koch and fined the firm €3.7m (£3.2m) for illegal arms deliveries to Mexico.

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Experts Find Serious Problems With Switzerland's Online Voting System

Switzerland made headlines this month for the transparency of its internet voting system when it launched a public penetration test and bug bounty program to test the resiliency of the system to attack. But after source code for the software and technical documentation describing its architecture were leaked online last week, critics are already expressing concern about the system’s design and about the transparency around the public test.

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Smollett Under Arrest; Empire Star Surrenders On Felony Charge In Hate-Crime Hoax

Empire actor Jussie Smollett surrendered himself to authorities Thursday morning after 5 a.m., after Chicago PD charged him with one count of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report connected with a hate-crime hoax, reports ABC 7 Chicago.

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Johnson & Johnson receives federal subpoenas related to baby powder...

Johnson & Johnson said Wednesday it has received subpoenas from the U.S. Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) related to litigation involving alleged asbestos contamination in its signature Baby Powder product line.

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Apple's Homepod 2 and Google's Nest Guard take spying on your family to the next level

Who needs Big Brother to spy on you in your home when Siri and Google will do it for them? Two recent stories prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that smart device surveillance is real. According to Mac Rumors, Apple recently applied for a facial recognition and 3D hand gesture patent for their new Homepod 2 smart speaker.

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WATCH: Handicapped Man in a Coma After Cops Mistook His Disability for Resisting & Beat Him

All too often, police officers—untrained in how to deal with people who have disabilities—will mistake those disabilities as criminal behavior and act accordingly. All too often, people with disabilities pay the ultimate price because of this incompetence. One family is learning this the hard way after police beat a man who is now in a coma.

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First Venezuela, now Nicaragua? Bolton says Ortega’s days ‘numbered’ & people ‘will soon be free’

US President Donald Trump’s top foreign policy advisor John Bolton appears dead set on resuming his decades-long stand-off with Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega, hinting that Washington-backed regime change may be in the offing.

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White House Orders Agencies to Defend the Skies From Cyberattacks

Agencies need to step up their efforts to defend the aviation industry against a growing array of emerging threats like cyberattacks and drones, the White House said Wednesday.

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"Protesters Executed For Social Media Posts": Amnesty Issues Scathing Venezuela Report

On Wednesday Amnesty International issued formal condemnation of the Venezuelan government for what it described as a pattern of shocking human rights abuses and state repression under President Nicolas Maduro, including the execution of several people, as well as using live fire to put down anti-Maduro protests, killing dozens according to Amnesty.

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Deputies Sued After False ALPR Hit Leads To Guns-Out Traffic Stop Of California Privacy Activist

Law enforcement agencies love their automatic license plate readers. ALPRs do what cops physically can't: scan millions of plates a year and run them against a number of shared databases. The systems are black boxes. The public is often given little information about how many plate images databases store or for how long. Law enforcement agencies rarely audit the data, providing zero insight on the number of false positives ALPRs return. Non-hit photos are sometimes held indefinitely, creating databases of people's movements.

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Now in 80 Countries, The American War on Terror Couldn’t Be More Global

In September 2001, the Bush administration launched the “Global War on Terror.” Though “global” has long since been dropped from the name, as it turns out, they weren’t kidding. When I first set out to map all the places in the world where the United States is still fighting terrorism so many years later, I didn’t think it would be that hard to do...

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