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Trending Articles:

Gunfire, Explosions Heard Near Saudi Royal Palace, King Salman Reportedly Evacuated

Some reports that there was no coup attempt and The Wall Street Journal reports it was guards shooting down an errant drone.

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The New Cold War: Russia and the US Spar in Syria

Operation Timber Sycamore And Washington’s Secret War On Syria

To start this conflict and then keep its fires burning the US and its Satellites have spent billions of dollars

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Russian Journalists Find Boy In White Helmets Chemical Attack Video

Hassan’s story is similar to that of Omran Daqneesh, known as ‘Aleppo boy’ whose image was widely disseminated as a victim of a gas attack.

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Broward Sheriff Israel To Face No-Confidence Vote For "Suspected Malfeasance"

The Broward County Sheriff's Office Deputies Association has scheduled a no-confidence vote for Sheriff Scott Israel for "many instances of suspected malfeasance" among several claims that his conduct leading up to, and following, the Feb 14th Parkland school shooting.

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Visualizing The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That Makes Its Living From Your Data

In the ocean ecosystem, plankton is the raw material that fuels an entire food chain. These tiny organisms on their own aren’t that remarkable, but en masse, they have a huge impact on the world. Here on dry land, Visual Capitalist's Nick Routley notes that the massive volume of content and meta data we produce fuels a marketing research industry that is worth nearly $50 billion.

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India’s Grand Data System: A Greater Disaster than Facebook?

Given the size of its population, India is potentially very rich in what has been called the “new oil”: data. But who will benefit from that wealth, and who might be put at risk?

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OIL WARS: the thing with black gold is, it seeps into everything.

From Hungary via the EU migrant crisis to Syrian bombings, from tensions with Russia and a US President at war with his Alt State to Islamist rebels and German reticence, it’s all about oil in the end.

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US Air Force to Put Sensors on Allies’ Satellites

The U.S. Air Force is planning to put sensors on allies’ satellites to boost deterrence, increase resiliency — and simply get them to orbit sooner. The move is intended to diversify the makeup of military spacecraft that circle the Earth, better protecting them from an enemy attack and persuading Russia and China to think twice before launching a war in space, service officials say.

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World Bank recommends that countries eliminate minimum wage, dismantle wrongful dismissal rules, and contractual protections for workers

A draft of the World Bank's annual flagship World Development Report says that its creditor-states (the poorest countries in the world) should eliminate their minimum wage rules, allow employers to fire workers without cause, and repeal laws limiting abusive employment contract terms.

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India approves death penalty for rape of children under 12 amid national uproar

India’s Union Cabinet has approved the death penalty for convicted rapists of minors below the age of 12, following mounting pressure on the government. India has been swept by protests over two cases of brutal rape.

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Wells Fargo's $3 Billion Tax Windfall 'More Than Offsets' Trump's Paltry $1 Billion Fine

Trump's CFPB and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency on Friday slapped Wells Fargo with a billion-dollar fine over its predatory mortgage practices—but the massive bank is still walking away with plenty of cash to spare, thanks to the more than $3 billion it has already pocketed thanks to the GOP tax scam.

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Teen Who Hacked Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Gets Sentenced to 2 Years of Prison

A teenage hacker who rose to fame for hacking into the online accounts of former CIA director John Brennan, former director of intelligence James Clapper, and other high-profile US government employees, got sentenced to two years of prison on Friday.

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France bans use of meat-like terms in packaging for vegetarian food

Food producers in France will be forced to think of new ways to describe some of their vegetarian and vegan foods when they are banned from using terms such as “vegetarian sausages”, "vegetarian mince" and “vegan bacon”. French MPs have voted to outlaw use of such vocabulary, claiming they mislead shoppers.

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Thousands of People in Only One State have Been in Jail for Over a YEAR and Never Proven Guilty

Nearly half a million Americans are currently being held in jail while they are denied their constitutional rights to a speedy trial. The problem has become so pervasive that many critics of the American judicial system are up in arms over the phenomenon. In Louisiana alone, there are over 2,000 people who have been languishing in jail for more than a year, all waiting for the chance to prove their innocence.

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Nova Scotia Arrests Teen Who Discovered Massive Government Data Breach

A Nova Scotia teenager woke up to 15 police officers raiding his home last Wednesday, after the 19-year-old discovered that the government had uploaded confidential documents to a publicly available database and then took measures to download them.

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‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack arrested for role in alleged sex cult

“Smallville” actress Allison Mack has been arrested for her alleged role in the notorious upstate sex slave cult Nxivm, federal prosecutors announced Friday.

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Eric Holder, the Man Who Pardoned Wall Street, May Run for President

Make no mistake about it, the Big Law firms that played a major role in the Wall Street corruption that led to the financial crash of 2008 and have been burying corporate crimes through their crony ties to Washington for decades, are desperate to put their own man in the White House in 2020.

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Democratic Party Sues Russia, Trump, Wikileaks For Conspiring To Hurt Hillary In 2016 Election

Did The Democrats' "The Russians did it" narrative just jump the shark? The Washingtoin Post reports that The Democratic National Committee filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Friday against the Russian government, the Trump campaign and the WikiLeaks organization alleging a far-reaching conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 campaign and tilt the election to Donald Trump.

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Student wounded in shooting at Florida high school, authorities say

A student was wounded after a shooting Friday morning at a high school in Ocala, Florida, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said, shortly before students were to walk out as part of a national protest against gun violence.

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