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Trending Articles:

Big Pharma Exec Perp Walked In Handcuffs After Surrendering On Opioid Trafficking Charges

The former CEO of the nation's sixth-largest pharmaceutical distributor was perp-walked in handcuffs on Tuesday after he was indicted on two counts of criminal conspiracy related to drug trafficking in opioids. 75-year-old Laurence Doud III became the first pharma CEO in the United States to face prosecution linked to the opioid crisis, after he was accused along with another company executive of ignoring red flags while pushing massive hauls of powerful painkillers to pharmacies across the United States, reports ABC News. Doud faces a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison if convicted.

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US announces watering down of Iran IRGC sanctions

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday published two notices in the Federal Register, watering down sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The notices clarified that countries and businesses dealing with the guard would not be banned from travelling to the US. In one notice, Pompeo said the sanctions “shall not apply to any ministry, department, agency, division, or other group or subgroup within any foreign government” unless that entity is covered by existing US sanctions.

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FBI raids home, offices of Baltimore mayor over suspicious book sales

Federal agents raided the home of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, who has been under investigation for questionable business ties. An FBI spokesman said search warrants had been issued for the mayor’s residence, offices in Baltimore’s City Hall, as well as another location related to a nonprofit organization managed by the mayor.

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A hacker says he can kill your car's engine while you're driving

A hacker recently demonstrated that he could access two popular vehicle-monitoring apps that let him monitor where the cars were located, access drivers’ private information, and even kill the engines remotely. The hack targeted two apps, iTrack and ProTrack, that companies can use to monitor their fleets of vehicles, according to Motherboard. The attack, which the hacker said he did to draw attention to flimsy cybersecurity, serves as a cautionary tale to double check your security practices — all 27,000-plus compromised accounts used the default password “123456.”

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Japan’s Medical Freedom: No Vaccine Mandates And Healthier Children

As politicians in the United States do their best to remove Americans’ freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines, Japan has medical freedom.  There are no vaccine mandates in Japan and their children are growing up healthier than ours. Officials in California are desperately trying to take away the rights of their residents by seeking to override medical opinion about whether or not a person is fit for vaccination, while politicians in New York are mandating the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine for 6-12-month-old infants even though that vaccine’s safety and effectiveness “has not been established.”

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Iran Warns False Flag "Accident" Could "Lure" Trump Into War

Following US declarations that Washington and its allies intend to take Iranian crude exports down to "zero" by cancelling waivers previously granted to eight nations, tensions are now soaring over the Strait of Hormuz, with Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) attempting to lay down the law amid fears the US Navy could move to block Iran's access, given the IRGC's new terror designation. 

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26yo man arrested with maps of Sri Lankan Parliament, assault rifle ammo

A 26-year-old man in possession of improvised maps of and six passes to parliament and assault rifle ammunition was arrested by Sri Lankan authorities overnight. Local reports say police were responding to a tip-off when they found the 26-year-old carrying several parliamentary passes and a rough map marking out the road route to the parliament. They also found a vehicle which was possibly modified to carry a bomb, although no explosives have been found.

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As US Government Strangles Iran’s Economy, Google ‘Suffocates’ Iranian Media

The recent shutdown of PressTV and HispanTV’s YouTube and Gmail accounts are more examples of the continued effort by the US government to silence Iranian media outlets, Alex Rubinstein, a journalist for MintPress News, told Sputnik. “I think that this is part of a larger trend of cracking down on Iranian media,” Rubinstein told Radio Sputnik’s By Any Means Necessary on Wednesday. “Just as this was happening, the United States was saying that we want to bring down Iranian oil exports to zero. Well, it seems like they’re also trying to bring down Iranian expression down to zero through these kinds of moves.”

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18 killed by suspected car bomb in Syria’s Idlib

At least 18 people have been killed after an explosion in the centre of Jisr Al-Shughour in the opposition stronghold of Idlib, a day after heavy Russian air strikes in the vicinity, rescue workers and residents said. Several residential buildings collapsed as a result of the blast near a road between the coastal city of Latakia and city of Aleppo. “The casualties are expected to rise. The cause is not known,” said Ahmad Yaziji, head of the White Helmets civil defence unit in the city. At least 40 others have been injured as rescue crews continue to pull bodies from the rubble.

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A Sign Of The Times We Are Living In: Court Documents Indicate 7,819 Boy Scout Troop Leaders Abused 12,254 Victims

This is a very difficult article for me to write.  As a young child I was a member of the Cub Scouts, and I still have very fond memories from those days.  Throughout my life I always had a tremendous amount of respect for the Boy Scouts, and so it greatly saddened me to learn about the abuse that has been running rampant in that organization.  Of course this is just a very small part of a much larger trend that is plaguing our society, but if this kind of abuse is pervasive even among the Boy Scouts, what organization is truly safe for America’s kids?  Have we gotten to the point as a society where our children are literally not safe anywhere?

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Out of the Ashes: Clash of Civilizations Could Summon New World Religion

For those paying attention, there is a discernible pattern of social engineering that is directed at the major world religions, particularly Christianity. This is undoubtedly a very complex issue, as there are numerous belief systems and nuanced views of millions of people. What we know is that globalist financed wars and revolutions have fueled illegal immigration and stoked flames of conflict all over the world.

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Japan extends apology & restitution to victims of forced sterilization law

The Japanese government apologized to thousands of people forcibly sterilized under a now defunct eugenics program, and offered the victims money in compensation. The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe devoted 3.2 million yen (US$28,000) to all surviving victims of the program, while Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga extended “sincere remorse and heartfelt apology.”

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WATCH: Cops Shoot Fleeing Man, Torture Him with K9 After Surrender -- Taxpayers Liable

When Antonio Garcia-Goff went missing in July of 2017, the family turned to the only ones they could think of for help, the Phoenix Police Department. They claim to have attempted to file a missing persons police report but when police found Goff, instead of returning him to his family, one officer attempted to kill him and another forced his dog to maul him, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

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US Navy SEALs Were Warned by Commanders Not to Report War Crimes

US war crimes in Iraq in general are a well-substantiated fact. Navy SEALs say they saw some “shocking” things, which other SEALs kill children with sniper rifles, spraying civilian neighborhoods with machine gun fire, etc. Seeing such things was par for the course, in Iraq, but talking about it was another thing entirely. Several platoon members took the matter of war crimes by their platoon chief to troop commanders. They were immediately rebuked.

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Big Pharma Distributor Faces Federal Criminal Charges Over Opioid Crisis

The nation's sixth-largest pharmaceutical distributor is facing federal criminal charges over its role in the opioid crisis sweeping the country, according to the New York Times.  Rochester Drug Cooperative and two former company officials were charged on Tuesday with defrauding the federal government and conspiracy to distribute drugs. The case was brought by the US attorney's office in Manhattan. The former RDC officials charged are former CEO Laurence F. Doud III and former chief of compliance, William Pietruszewski, according to the Times. Doud is expected to surrender to DEA agents and appear in US District Court in Manhattan later Tuesday. 

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